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Through Thine Inspiration (EP)

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Three prayers from the sacred scriptures of the Bahá'í Faith are featured in "Through Thine Inspiration", with uplifting and soaring vocals and instrumental accompaniments on the ukulele, guitar, piano, drums, bass, viola and violin, all composed and performed by Sarah Mohebiany.

The songs are entitled, “I Have Wakened,” “Guide My Steps” and “Unto Thee”. 

LYRICS:  Lyrics of each track are from the Sacred scriptures of the Bahá'í Faith

Track #1 - I Have Wakened

”I have wakened in Thy shelter, O my God, and it becometh him that seeketh that shelter to abide within the Sanctuary of Thy protection and the Stronghold of Thy defense. Illumine my inner being, O my Lord, with the splendors of the Dayspring of Thy Revelation, even as Thou didst illumine my outer being with the morning light of Thy favor.” —by Bahá’u’lláh

Track #2 - Guide My Steps

”I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God! Let no harm beset me in times of tests, and in moments of heedlessness guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration. Thou art God, potent art Thou to do what Thou desirest. No one can withstand Thy Will or thwart Thy Purpose.” 
—by The Báb

Track #3 - Unto Thee

“O Lord! Unto Thee I repair for refuge, and toward all Thy signs I set my heart.
O Lord! Whether traveling or at home, and in my occupation or in my work, I place my whole trust in Thee. Grant me then Thy sufficing help so as to make me independent of all things, O Thou Who art unsurpassed in Thy mercy! Bestow upon me my portion, O Lord, as Thou pleasest, and cause me to be satisfied with whatsoever Thou hast ordained for me.
Thine is the absolute authority to command. “ —by The Báb

Through Thine Inspiration was released on March 20th, 2021 in the spirit of celebration of the Baha'i New Year.

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